Short Term Project AutoCAD Drafter at Aerotek Engineering

Lauren Burnett (Account Manager, Engineering at Aerotek) writes, "Corey was hired for a client of mine to do specific tasks for part of their business. Corey was able to draft/design AutoCAD drawings to the clients specifications in a timely manner. My client and Aerotek are pleased with the AutoCAD work done.

Structural Pipe Bridge Sections

Created this Structural Pipe Bridge Elevation Sections & Details Drawing with AutoCAD 2008 for Industrial Plant design Project.

Dash Pot Lifter

Created this 3D model part with SolidWorks 2010

Conveyor Housing

Created this 3D model with SolidWorks 2010

GA Tech Emblem Sign Support Plan - Structural Design

Created AutoCAD 2006-2008 drawings for this project under direction of Structural Director, Paul Grupe

AutoCAD 2008 Architectural Background

Roosevelt Warm Springs Residential Dormatory AutoCAD 2008 background for new assisted living project.
(Created from old faded hardcopy drawing provided by client.)

Rolling Stock Support Bracket

I Created this 3D CAD assembly model with SolidWorks 2010.

Expeditor Solidworks 2009 Sheetmetal Designs

Prototype SolidWorks 2009 Model Version of New Infinity SRS-7-R ENCL for Expeditor CEO to gain new business.

Price Potter, Engineering Manager, endorces Corey's work as CAD Drafter / Manufacturing Engineering Tech at American Signal Company

Price Potter writes...

In the short time that Corey Barge was at American Signal Co. I was impressed with his work ethic and focused approach to gathering relevant information and solving problems. His demeanor and attitude were excellent and he was rapidly learning how to best use his considerable talents and skills in serving the company and the Engineering Group.

He was hired to provide a critical link with the Production floor and was instrumental in providing much needed sustaining engineering support to Manufacturing. He tackled his responsibilities with a sincere desire to improve the product and process and was always diligent in executing his tasks.

Corey was an asset to the Engineering Group at American Signal Co and a necessary resource that we hated to lose (through no fault of his own). If the business situation improves in the future, we would definitely seek to rehire Corey and utilize his knowledge and experience to continue the first-rate job that he started.

Price R. Potter

Ken Hayes, Operations Manager, endorses Corey's work as CAD Drafter / Manufacturing Engineering Tech at American Signal Company.

Ken writes...
"I had the great pleasure of working with Corey at AMSIG. Corey is very hands-on and detail oriented. When finding solutions, Corey will look beyond the obvious. He develops solutions that cover multiple aspects, and will solve the problem the first time. Corey brings real-world experience, great mechanical skills, and a Quality-First mindset. I would recommend him for any Quality or Mechanical Engineering team."

Rui Silva , CAD Technician , Spencer Bristol Engineering worked with Corey at Jordan & Skala Engineers

Rui Sliva writes...

“Corey will be an asset to any company that he works for. His knowledge is deep as well as his desire to learn and understand all aspects of his job and industry. His attitude is A+ and has a willingness to help, answer questions and even guide someone through a particular task. He has a truly realistic vision as to where our industry is headed and his attempts to be current and completely knowledgeable are unequaled. I've worked with many people in similar positions in the last 24 years but never anyone like Corey. A true asset to any company and someone that will help a company to grow.” September 14, 2009

Freelance / Intern SolidWorks 2008 Portfolio Design

Nancy Brown writes...

After several attempts to find someone to provide me with drawings for a new product I had developed, I chose to entrust Corey with the project. The project was merely an idea that needed to be transferred from my mind to Corey’s and then into the software, a visual for a prototype and patent filing. Corey was up for the challenge knowing that he had very little to work from. He was extremely patient and provided me with questions and thoughts from a designer’s point of view; he was a wealth of information. My product was both very detailed and complicated, but Corey assured me that he would give the project his utmost attention and that he did.

As time went on I knew that I had chosen the right person for the job. His knowledge and dedication to the project were paramount. Corey went above and beyond the scope of the project providing off the clock research and development recommendations. His drawings were exacting and right on the mark, each one a replica of my “brainchild” evolving through the process. We met several times during the project and he continued to update me by email and by phone, his ability to keep me in formed of his progress and ongoing communication was greatly appreciated.

Just as important as knowledge and dedication, Corey’s honesty and his integrity are beyond reproach. I owe Corey a debt of gratitude for his unrelenting quest for a successful conclusion to the project which will lead to the success of my product. Again, it is my pleasure to recommend Corey Barge to you and your organization.


Nancy C. Brown

Nancy C. Brown

Waverly Galleria Stair Pressurization Project - ATL, GA

Created this AutoCAD 2008 Background under HVAC Engineer, Sven Peulen's direction to facilitate his HVAC design for this project on 6/30/2008.

Mark A. McNaron, Team Leader at Jordan & Skala Engineers

Mark McNaron writes...
"Please feel free to use this letter as a reference from both Jordan & Skala Engineers and me personally. During your employment here you have been nothing but energetic and optimistic. Your attention to detail and concern for accuracy in your work is refreshing. Thank you for the contributions you made to our team.
I would be happy to speak to anyone should they require additional information.
Best wishes for continued success.

Mark A. McNaron

Paul Grupe , Director of Structural Engineering at Jordan & Skala

Paul writes...
“Corey is dedicated to doing the best job possible at any task that he is given. He listens and asks questions freely. He strives to find answers and to understand all that he is asked to do. He likes knowledge and is driven to learn. Corey will be a good employee for the right company.”

Enelio Enriquez , Plumbing Designer at Jordan & Skala Engineers

I did AutoCAD 2006-2008 plumbing red-line markup's under Enelio's direction for Atlanta, GA projects Post Allen Plaza Hotel, W Hotel Atlanta, Peachtree Hills Assisted Living, etc.

Between projects, I studied Enelio's plumbing design books to gain an overall understanding of plumbing systems.

Enelio writes...
“Corey had the best disposition of anyone I have ever worked with. He was always ready to help the team in any way he could and willing to learn new things.”

Kit Gaines , CSA-V Consultant at Jordan & Skala Engineers

I worked under Kit Gaines' direction doing CSAV redline markups for Post Park Apartments project in Prince George, MD.

Kit writes...
“Corey exemplifies what good work ethic should be. He works very hard and does not complain. His character is uncommon in today's workplace, let alone today's world. Corey would be a good addition to a quality company.”

Chris Little , Plumbing Engineer at Jordan & Skala Engineers

“I had the pleasure of working with Corey for several months at JSE. He demonstrated a great work ethic and was very eager to serve the needs of his colleagues. Corey's attitude, as well as his desire to learn, help, and get the job done will make him an asset to any company.”